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VACList DigestVACList-Digest       Sunday, June 16, 2002      Issue 336
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        1. Re: coating the roof.
        2. Re: 
        3. Destiny causes me to unlurk...
        4. Airstream restored by GMC Motorhome shop
        5. Re: Airstream restored by GMC Motorhome shop
        6. a/s for sale


Message Number: 1
Date: Sat, 15 Jun 2002 19:45:49 -0500
From: "Don Hardman" <>
Subject: Re: coating the roof.

----- Original Message ----- 
From: "gina terrell" <>
  . .

> hello fellow Texan, are you out of Houston or San Antonio. I am in San 
> MArcos. 

The Houston area.


Message Number: 2
Date: Sat, 15 Jun 2002 23:30:04 -0400
From: Patricia Raimondo <>
Subject: Re: 

Hi Group,

I have turned over the ownership of my 1967 22 ft. Safari Twin with 
Dinette to Rindy Ostermann today. She indicated that she has already 
joined the VAC and has been monitoring this site! Please welcome her and 
help her finish the jobs I started but didn't complete!!!! (like 
polishing!)  I know she'll take great care of it and will need help with 
questions that will arise.

I now have to wait 25 years for my 2003 Safari to qualify for vintage 
status!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you to all for invaluable advise and support!



Message Number: 3
Date: Fri, 15 Jun 2001 12:05:21 -0700
From: Rivka <>
Subject: Destiny causes me to unlurk...


Hi All !

My name is Rivka, and I am the way more than even really proud new 
mom of a 1966 28' Ambassador Double. Her name is Destiny, as the way 
in witch I got her was so amazing it could have been nothing less.
After six years and many false starts of my dream of airstream 
ownership and worldly travel, I got down to serious searching last 
fall.  With not much money but lots of determination on my end I 
started learning everything I could. Chances are I've emailed more 
than a few you on this list in my search.
Then last month, having watched three or four beauties slip through 
my fingers, there came "the" email.  A great guy wrote me that he had 
one that had had a bad day with a big tree :(  and was looking for a 
new home.  I jump on my white stallion (that looks suspiciously like 
a Chevy Tahoe) and went to go save her.

She was quite smashed, but only from the side window (forward of the 
door) across to the front window. The rest is amazingly fabulous, 
kept in pristine condition! All the manuals and paper work to boot!! 
After meeting me they seemed so happy, and kicked to the curb our 
previously talked about (read way higher) price, and instead handed 
her over FOR ONLY $300!!!!!!!

It was meant to be, I'm totally in love.
				 The dream has begun........

So all wrapped up, and licking her wounds, she rode home to Oregon 
with me and here we sit. I plan on looking at my options and getting 
her all dolled up to cruise with me around the country for an unnamed 
length of time starting this fall.

*note* anyone who happens to have a front end '64-'68 lying around, i 
have a good home for it!  :)

Great to meet you all !!!
Rivka  & "Destiny"
My '66 Airstream Ambassador

"I am looking for something. I don't know what, but I'm sure I'll 
know when I find it.
If you have it or know where I can find it, please let me know."  -Who Knows


Message Number: 4
Date: Sun, 16 Jun 2002 08:02:04 -0400
From: "john or cindy" <>
Subject: Airstream restored by GMC Motorhome shop

Hi fellow Airstreamers
I'm trying to locate the man that rebuilt a vintage Airstream in the "GMC
Motorhome" restoration shop.
If you are the guy, please respond to me off list.
Thank you
John Young
"If the women don't find you handsome,
 they should at least find you handy"
                                         (R. Green)
WBCCI # 6034
1958 22' Caravanner
1965 20' Globetrotter
1973 25' Tradewind


Message Number: 5
Date: Sun, 16 Jun 2002 09:25:44 -0400
From: Chris Bryant <>
Subject: Re: Airstream restored by GMC Motorhome shop

john or cindy wrote:

>Hi fellow Airstreamers
>I'm trying to locate the man that rebuilt a vintage Airstream in the "GMC
>Motorhome" restoration shop.
  If he's off the list, you can contact him through .

Chris Bryant


Message Number: 6
Date: Sun, 16 Jun 2002 12:17:35 EDT
Subject: a/s for sale

I am sad to say that sometime this week I will be putting my 22 foot '68 
Safari for sale on the VAC classifieds. All original appliance work, checked 
by RV tech last year. New tires bearings and brakes with only 700 mile on 
them. Rectified original propane tanks and OPD valves installed. Bath, 
toilet, cabinets, dinette perfect. Located in Southern Oregon. If any listee 
interested contact me at



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