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VAL Digest          Monday, October 20 2003          Volume 01 : Number 041

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Re: [VAL] '78 Sales Brochure
[VAL] Airstream lifestyle


Date: Sun, 19 Oct 2003 20:59:12 -0500
From: "Charles M. Gunkel" <>
Subject: Re: [VAL] '78 Sales Brochure


As an owner of a 1977 31ft Sovereign I really appreciate having the
opportunity to download and print out the 1978 brochure you posted at your
website.  I also enjoyed your other pages relating to your airstream.

Thanks again

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Sent: Wednesday, October 15, 2003 8:48 AM
Subject: [VAL] '78 Sales Brochure

> Hi,
> I am a newcomer to Airstreams and this list.  With my fresh exuberance
> to Airstreaming, I just posted the 1978 Airstream Sales Brochure at my
> personal Airstream site.  I thought it only fitting in that '78's are
> the newest Vintage Airstreams out there ;-).
> See
> Dial-up user beware - it's about an 8 MB file.  I will be happy to mail
> a CD-R with the brochure to the first five takers.  Email me back for
> details.
> --Dave
> -- 
> ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
> David Morrison
> 1978 Excella 500 - center bath/rear twin
> 1998 Chevy Express 2500
> So new to us we have not received our WBCCI numbers yet
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Date: Sun, 19 Oct 2003 23:33:15 -0400
From: Terry Tyler <>
Subject: [VAL] Airstream lifestyle

on 10/17/03 2:00 AM, wrote:

> From: pete highlands <>
> Subject: Re: [VAL] That Shiny Airstream
> Pretty Classy Terry,
> Thanks for sharing, and have you ever thought of Sales?

Hey Pete,

You asked, have I ever thought of sales? You've got to be kidding. Sales is
for people with goals different from ours. They stay in one place and do
their selling. Being restricted to one place isn't our lifestyle goal.

Every day for the last 15 years, we've been either dreaming of or actually
roaming far and wide on this magnificent continent. We love exploring and
experiencing awesome parts of this country and tracking down another of its
seldom visited treasures.

For us, the name of the game is to live life actively, plus lace it with a
bit of adventure. Restoring our Airstreams while traveling is part of that.

Wherever we are, we pick specific dealers and shops where service or
cosmetic work can be done as needed or wanted. Recommendations by VAC
members and our own previous experience is how we locate these people.
Nation wide networking is an art form we've been cultivating for years.

Friends of ours talk about the Airstream way of life. I don't know what that
means, but I know our lifestyle is a blast even with the snags, problems and
blunders. I believe whatever pluses and minuses come our way help us stay
connected, involved and thinking straight.

And, we're just ordinary people with extraordinary opportunities merely
because we're citizens of this country. What we're doing is easily doable by
anyone with a plan. And, it's doable on a shoestring (we've done it).

Oooops, my reply got away from me and rambled off onto other topics. This
can happen. Fortunately, one click of the delete button will settle that.



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