From: bigmac
Sent: Tuesday, July 17, 2001 10:17 PM
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Sue Murphy
Iowa Boys

Sue Said, I should try you for information regarding a 1965 StreamLine Travel Car.

My father is looking for a winshield and some other parts for his 1965 Travel Car. He is 86 years old the travel car has been parked 30 years. Now he has decide to restore it orginal mileage is something like 40,000.0 miles. He wants to take it out on the road one more time. Hey doesn't work on it he watchs another guy work on it.

So he came to me, said why don't you use your computer, find me a winshield for a 1965 Stream Line Travel Car. He doesn't play around on the computer but his wife does. There e-mail address is phone number xxx-xxx-xxxx maybe you can help.

Thank you,

Robert McCormick