The Streamline Travel Home

There were only about eighty Streamline Travel Homes manufactured between 1964 and 1967, when the Travel Home division was sold to L. K. Newell, and moved to Miami, Oklahoma to become the Newell Coach Company. The first VIN number appears to have been either 5000 or 5001, with the last number possibly 5084.

Several of the current owners have joined together to attempt to locate the whereabouts of the units which remain in existence. Following are the units, the owners, and the unit locations, where known.

Where the I.D. is in hypertext, it represents a link to pictures, or other information about the unit. Click on this I.D. to view the pictures.

I.D.OwnerYearV.I.N.Rear Deck?LengthLocation
STR1Undisclosed1964?Yes30 Ft.San Diego, California
STR2Frankie Parsons19665053Yes30 Ft.Livingston, Texas
STR3Mike Kinney19675077 No30 Ft.Seattle, WA.
STR4Al Cottler1964F35CR502331No25 Ft.Tacoma, WA.
STR5Tom Patterson19655015Yes30 Ft.Houston, TX.
STR6Sue Murphy1964?Yes24 Ft.North Hollywood, CA.
STR7Gordon Owen1965?No30 Ft.Lake Elsinore, CA.
STR8Paul Freeman19645001Yes30 Ft.Midway City, CA.
STR9Unknown??Yes?Spearfish, SD.
STR10"Mac" McCormick1964?Yes32 Ft.?Brentwood, CA.
STR11Drew & Brenda Thueson19665056No30 Ft.Boise, Idaho
STR12Unknown????Seattle, WA.
STR13David Beyer19655027No30 Ft.Southern New Jersey
STR14Don Hudson19665058No30 Ft.Stockton, CA.
STR15Duke Haltom19675084No30 Ft.Palm Springs, CA.
STR16Al Lee19665008Yes30 Ft.Vacaville, CA.
STR17John Ryan19655033No30 Ft.Borrego Springs, CA.
STR18Carroll Smith1964F35CR501198Yes27 Ft.Kerrville, Tx.
STR19Moise(?)???? Ft.Ventura, CA.
STR20Unknown????Burbank, CA.
STR21Unknown????Klamath Falls, OR.
STR22Fladeboe Automotive Group19655023No30 Ft.Bellflower, CA.
STR23David & Eva Miller1965F35CR510089Yes? Ft.Templeton, CA
STR24Doral & Michael Vance Hackett19675081No30 Ft.Hillsboro, OR.
STR25Jeff Beneck19665061No30 Ft.Orange County, CA.
STR26Erin1964?Yes30 Ft.Branson, MO.
STR27David & Sandra Behle1964?Yes30 Ft.NW Arkansas
STR28Dick Kwak19655038No30 Ft.Gloversville, N.Y.
STR29Tom Van Tilburgh19665068Yes30 Ft.Dayton, Ohio
STR30Dennis Jones19665068Yes30 Ft.St. Petersburg, Fl.
STR31Kim Matthews19655006Yes30 Ft.Ogden, Ut.
STR32Ron & Regina19645154Yes26 Ft.Oceana, Ca.
STR33Charles Brooks??Yes30 Ft.Louisville, KY
STR34Nancy Vandiver19665043No30 Ft.Hinesville, GA
STR35Rene Levesque1964F35CR510092Yes32 Ft.Omaha, AR.
STR36Shirley1964???Stanton, CA.
STR38Unknown1965?No30 Ft.Unknown