1966 Streamline Motorcoach (Airstream Cousin)  
1961 Streamline Travel Lodge Motorhome
1966 Streamline Motorcoach (Airstream Cousin)
Vehicle Description

32 foot Streamline travel home.  First of it's kind, VERY RARE!

  • Two AC units plus cab AC
  • Ford Industrial engine  -- 45,000 org. miles :)
  • Full working kitchen and bath - full shower - camode & vanity sink across the hall 
  • Gas stove / oven
  • Working fridge/freezer
  • rear bedroom - double bed - closet - built in dresser
  • eat-in dining area / family room
  • cobra CB radio
  • 1500 watt generator
  • Highly collectable approximately only 70 made! check out the expert at http://www.tompatterson.com/ , also see his registry of streamline motor coaches, see the one in Scottsdale AZ, that is ours... http://www.tompatterson.com/Streamline/Registry.html
  • Many extras, too many to list...

Lots of room lots of storage HUGE INSIDE AND OUTSIDE

Very nice motor home... a total American classic, but needs a loving owner that will give her the TLC she needs.  Restoration project DREAM, very rare!  Some collectors would die for a '66 :)

more pics at http://www.testmy.net/streamline/

Has been in the family since 1974 and we hate to have to give her up, but we have simply ran out of room and don't have the skills to restore her the way she deserves  :(  set her free to roam Americas highways!

__ update from previous listing __ 

This Beauty used to belong to my late father. He bought it (as near as I can tell) in 1974. He did some traveling in it until he became unable to handle such a big rig and parked it in the early 90’s. I’m sad to say I’m not real savvy about these coaches…but I’ve learned a bit recently…and I’ll be happy to share all I do know with anyone who emails me and wants to know more about this particular one. I have found out that there were only approximately 70 of them made and they came before Airstream and Winnebego…truly the first of its kind and there is a very interesting story to the Streamline name. I haven’t been able to pinpoint the engine size…everyone that sees it comes up with a different number…but it is a FORD INDUSTRIAL…that I know for sure. I am told by several mechanics that it won’t take much to get her up and running like new, just someone that knows what they are doing. Because she has sat so long all the tires need replaced and brakes, hoses, belts, a good tune up, batteries. She is being sold as is…no warranties expressed or implied. The high bidder the last time I listed her never emailed me with any questions and didn’t read the ad…thought he’d be able to throw a battery in and drive her away. Loved her when he saw her…left his deposit…actually had her running…then backed out a week later…angry. I think his health maybe prevented him from being able to do the work right. She does need work to get her going. Needs a firm experienced hand to whip her back into shape. A RESTORATION PROJECT WITH A SOLID FOUNDATION…WORTH THE EFFORT. All I want is a good home for her…someone to put her back the way she was…set her free to roam America’s highways again.


Vehicle Condition

Needs carb work and fuel system work (clean out) and electrical harness (some engine wiring needs to be replaced) reapair in order to run ~ could use new brakes and tires also (one tire just replaced). 

This has not been actively used for travel since the early 90's. So I am sure she needs a full tune up. 

Interior needs recarpeted, new curtains and upholstery

1966 Streamline Motorcoach (Airstream Cousin)

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