I have a new one that some might remember and most didn't know existed..

Here's what I found and towed home today.

1966 Custom Coach Land Cruiser model 3010 with original documentation including brochure and build detail/sales order paperwork. Based on a Ford truck chassis, 330 cid V-8, Automatic, Power steering and brakes. Looks like a bus conversion. Had central air, vac system and all the frills.

Here's the fun part. According to what I can figure out this coach started life possibly as a StreamLine Travel Home in 1965 or as a Shell unit with Streamlines serial # 5038, Then sold as a completed conversion in 1966 as a "Land Cruiser" by Custom Coach for about $34,000.00..

Is there still a market or sorts for ST5038 in it's current form?

Does anyone remember or know how many "Land Cruisers" were built by Custom Coach or any way to find out?

I know they did buses and other vehicles since about 1955, Wonder how many are still out there in use???