From: "Tom Patterson"
To: Steve Ault
Subject: Streamline Travel Home
Date: Thu, 20 Sep 2001 13:31:38 -0500

Hi Steve,

I recently learned of your article in the September Memory Lane column of Family Motor Coaching,
and joined the club (along with two other owners) in order to get a copy of the article. The September
issue arrived today, and I enjoyed reading what you had to say about this unit.

I too have one of these units ....... there were only about 20 made between 1964 and 1967. I have
located about 10 of these around the country, but the one that you featured is apparently not one of the
ones of which I know. I was aware of two in California, one owned by Iowa Boys, and the other purchased
about a year ago by a lady in San Diego. While both of those are '64's, the Iowa Boys unit is shorter,
and the San Diego unit has been painted. It was, I think the first unit produced, and was originally
owned by the Teamsters.

If possible, I would appreciate your contacting the owner of the featured unit, and passing along
information as to my website, and the information that it contains as to these Travel Homes. The owner
can then feel free to contact me if they desire. Several of us owners are in contact, and trade information
as to repair, servicing and upgrades to the units, and we would welcome contact with another owner.

Some of the information on my site ( as respects these Travel Homes is:

- Copy of the original 1965 price list .....
The price, as you can see was $18,000 in 1965.

- Pages from the 1965 Travel Home brochure. .....

- Information from the Newell site of their origins in the Streamline Travel Home .....

- Pictures of several owner's units .....

I plan on contacting Family Motor Coaching (I guess that's who I start with) and requesting permission to
display your article on my site along with the other Streamline Travel Home information.

Thanks for your help.

Tom Patterson

From: "steve ault"
Subject: Re: Streamline Travel Home
Date: Thu, 20 Sep 2001 18:58:09

Congrats on being the owner of a Streamline Travel Car. Unfortunatley I am unable to help you on the owners'
name of the one pictured in FMC's September magazine. I believe they lived in the Riverside area and were
visiting a state campground in Southern California when I met him (along with two other couples as they all
6 were square dancers and one couple happened to be a former GMC owner - and we travel in a GMC). Sorry I
was so little help.

Steve Ault