From: Al Cottler
Sent: Tuesday, April 7, 2001 12:27 PM
Subject: Streamline or Silver Streak

When I was looking at Mikes coach, I noticed that the name plate on his front reads: "Travel Home".
Mine is "Travel Car Lodge".
Is yours a Lodge or Home?
Was poking around on the net, reviewed the Silver Streak pics on your site, then noticed some reference somewhere to a SS Motorhome. Say What?
Did a search and found this:
This is more like my coach than Mikes. Grille is identical, some other small details. Even the tail lights: they were old round ones, replaced with rectangular Signal Stats. Same "shadow" from the old fixtures. I do not have any of the odd vent grilles below the drivers seat, or the back porch.
Mikes dash, instruments,wheel are much more like yours. My wheel is black, orginal instruments in a Ford factory cluster. Dashes are similar but different.
Doghouses the same.
Wheels in Iowa Boys pics are like mine or very similar. Looks like singles in rear too.
My coach is titled as a "1964 Travel Car Lodge".
What year is your coach again?
Could I really have a Silver Streak? That would be even rarer. But appearances are so similar... same builders?
Still working on pics. I think I shall just break down and buy a digital camera on Monday.

-Al, wondering anew