I am in Louisville KY. A friend and I bought the old Streamline together.
I have some glass broke out of it. We have it covered up right now. The tag is on the door
opening. I will have to get it when we take the tarp off of it. It is 32 ft. Has a porch on it.
I don't know the year for sure. I think it is 63 or 64. It has a Ford engine and tran. 40,000 miles.
I need to go thru the brakes fuel tank dirty. The body is good just needs cleaning. The front
glass needs to be replaced. We are going to get it up and going in spring. Lot of work but it is
a good one. Gen. runs. Bad gas lines. I just got to go over it. We drove it home on gas can inside.
The lines were all bad, the tank dirty. I will get it back up.

Charles (Heavy) Brooks