Marilyn and I stopped off in Las Cruces, New Mexico on our way back to Houston from our February 2001 trip to Arizona and Nevada. There we visited with Larry and Diana Blevins and viewed his 1970 33' Streamline Imperial trailer. The following twenty pictures show the trailer as it was at that time. Larry has mostly completed the restoration of the trailer, although there are some items, such as drapes, and valences along with indirect lighting still to be added.

Larry operates his own RV Service company in Las Cruces, and chose a Streamline for his trailer due to the quality of its construction. As he says, "I work on rv's everyday and have yet to see any built like the Streamline." He has flipped the axles on this trailer to provide additional height, and has added solar panels, which unfortunately do not show up in any of the photos, although you can see a guage which is part of this system, above and to the right of the main control panel in one of the pictures. There is a battery switch (also not shown) in a rear closet, which allows him to direct the current flow. As part of his electrical upgrade, he as replaced the converter, and added a 1000W inverter.

Additional improvements and upgrades include new roof a/c, max-air vent covers, new vents, carpet & linoleum, toilet, faucets, water pipes, water heater, water tank and pump,all new paint inside, newer fridge, stove, new pillow top mattress, new hide-a-bed couch, swivel rocker, new furnace, am-fm cassette radio & speakers, mini blinds, and window screens. This trailer looks like it is a current year model!

Normally, I have seen the TV in these units mounted on the shelf behind the sliding doors above the main instrument panel. Due to the distance from the sofa in this trailer, Larry has chosen to move the TV to a different location, on a shelf behind the wall next to the entrance door. You can see shots of the TV in this location.

Flourescent lights have been added throughout, including single light fixtures to either side of the bathroom mirror. These add to the increased light in the trailer, while requiring substantially less power than 12V incandescent lamps.

On the outside, the annodized gold has been repainted a teal color, while an awning, wheel covers, power jack and bicycle carrier have been added. These all serve to provide a striking and clean look to the trailer. Another nice touch is the addition of the owners' names on the model plate in gold. Unfortunately, the Streamline logo on the trailer ends suffers from the same deterioration as most of these logos on the trailers I have seen. As I do have one good one remaining, I really need to proceed to have a mould made and the logo duplicated for those of us who need replacement ones.