1157 LED taillight modification

(Courtesy of Eddie Huffstetter)

1157 taillight modification

The pictures below illustrate the modification of a Dietz 161 taillight so as to hold a 1157 LED bulb rather than the original 1157 incandescent bulb.

This modification is not limited to the Dietz 161; it can also be adapted to other taillight assemblies.

It is very important that space exist behind the backing plate in your installation. The bulb which originally laid flat on the backing plate is being moved so as to protrude beyond the backing plate, and space is required behind the plate to accomodate this protrusion.

In the photos below, you will see the lens in (A) below, which has been removed from the backing plate. In (B), the backing plate and bulb holder are shown. The bulb holder was originally riveted to the backing plate, but the rivets have been drilled out, and the bulb holder removed from the backing plate. The two holes on the bulb holder are where the rivets held the bulb holder to the similar two holes in the backing plate. The larger hole to the right and above the two rivet holes on the backing plate are where the wiring is fed through.

(C) is a display of the backing plate by itself with the bulb holder removed, and before any modification.

The bulb holder is modified by bending the metal strip which fastens to the backing plate in two places as indicated by the bends shown in (D).

You will note from the top view of the bulb holder in (E) that the bulb will now face directly to the rear, rather than lying flat, when the lens assembly is reassembled and mounted on the trailer.

A larger hole to accomodate the bulb and holder when the bulb holder is again riveted to the backing plate is now drilled in the backing plate as shown in (F). You will need to drill a new hole to accomodate the second rivet when the bulb holder is fastened to the backing plate. This will be drilled to the right of existing rivet holes, as can be seen in (G). The location should using the modified bulb holder as a template before drilling.

Front and rear of the mounting plate are shown in (G) and (H) with the bulb holder mounted. The rivets have not yet been used to attach the bulb holder to the plate.

The actual 1157 LED bulb can be seen mounted in (J). Note that the mounting plate has been covered with shiny aluminum tape to enhance the taillight reflection. The bulb box appears in (G).

In the last two photos, Dietz 161 taillights fitted with LED bulbs appear on the Streamline trailer. Note the brightness of the three lights even in the daytime photo. Also note that all three lights have the required empty space behind the Dietz 161 taillight assemblies so as to accomodate the extra space needed because of the bulb assembly now protruding behind the mounting plate.

Of interest is that the license plate light shown in the Streamline picture also contains an LED bulb. You can see how well it illuminated the licence plate.

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